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My name is Jacqueline Ziegler and I'm the owner and design enthusiast behind Blue Sky Monograms. BSM was created after my daughter Aulani was born. I have always loved personalized/ monogrammed items, and knew I wanted to pass that along to my daughter. When I was pregnant I invested in a small embroidery machine; self taught myself how to operate it. Months later my passion for the hobby grew to making personalized items for friends and family. After opening up a facebook and instagram business page with great success; I decided to take my business to the next level. April 2017 Blue Sky Monograms became an official business, licensed in the state of Tennessee. I invested in a entrepreneur multi-needle machine and the best equipment. Since then I have taken various classes on technique, skills, and design knowledge. Along with adding sublimation printing,  heat transfer/ screen printing and vinyl options to my business. 

The vision behind Blue Sky Monograms is to create unique handmade personalized clothing and items for you and your littles at an affordable price. I want to offer a variety of options; along with the latest trends and newest designs.